Kelly McGovern Photography

Photography is much more than clicking buttons on a camera. It's capturing an image in a way that will help you remember that moment in time.

My background:

I began my photography adventure years ago. I was a nanny while in college and at that time I purchased my first SLR camera. My then-boyfriend (now husband of 11 years) and I traveled and I captured each moment on film. I loved photography so much that I began to have a thirst for knowledge in the field. I started reading books on exposure, then I scoured the web for information, I joined forums & photography groups and eventually took a class at the University of Texas. My thirst for knowledge is still there and I continually look for opportunities to learn more about photography.

About my style:

I am a lifestyle photographer who captures boutique style photos. Some of my favorite things include:

Photographing newborns in all of their tininess. Their sweet coos and wrinkly bodies, what fun!

Infants & Children. Through observation and genuine interaction with children I capture each moment in a photo. These images one day will be an excellent reminder of their childhood & that moment in time.

Expecting parents. There is something to be said as the days to parenthood approach. Soon-to-be parents are some of my favorite subjects.

Graduating Seniors also hold a special place in my heart. The anticipation of the future ahead is scary yet exciting.

Life. I love photographing life, in a beautiful and captivating way. Thank you for allowing me to photograph your special moments.